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eric L

when i started kickboxing, i took the same approach. i didn't talk much to the folks there about anything other than music, movies and fighting. dating and sexual preference never really came up. then after about four months, one of the girls at the school asked me out. so i told her i dated guys. it was a four second conversation that changed nothing. slowly more of the school learned i was the token gay (other gays have come, but rarely stayed for more than 3 weeks) and as i became closer with many of the people i worked out with, i formed tight bonds with them where my gayness presented no problem. no one at the gym has ever made a derogatory remark about my gayness. and i certainly haven't feared for my safety.

the odd thing is still, to this day, some of the people there assume i'm straight. and quite honestly i have better things to do than interrupt the flow of conversation to correct people. if there's a pause or a reason to make it clear i date dudes, i'll take it. but i haven't felt the need to make some "what do you mean 'her' i'm gay" sort of remark. it just ruins the camaraderie.

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